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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Deschanel Fringe - the beginning of an icon?

Over the past few months i have noticed that the amount of interest in the fringe of a certain Ms Deschanel has rocketed! I think it's since the huge American TV series 'New Girl' has hit British screens, she has become more of a household face among the young comedy lovers of the UK and people cannot get enough of her 'bangs'

The style itself is quite a laid back, easy style as the fringe looks basically like a full, arced fringe that has grown out over the eyebrows and has had some of the bulk taken out of it so you can mess it up or bring it over to either side, depending on how you're feeling that morning!... Easy!!

If you have long full hair that is simply styled with bounce and shine or, have long hair and fancy a change but do not want to loose your length then this fringe would definatly be the way forward for you! it doesn't feel too short and enables the fringe to be connected to any layers your hair already has!

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