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Sunday, 6 April 2014



With the popularity of social networking growing massively, I noticed a trend for professionals in specific industries sharing their knowledge and stories using a '#' to create a community where people could come together and talk about a similar subject or matter of interest for example... #HandmadeHour / #BizHour. (#BizHour is another good ones for us hairdressers to look into as there can be great tips on there to help with the business side of our industry)

I noticed there wasn't a community for Hairdressers on twitter to share and connect so I thought I'd put the idea out to some industry pros I speak to quite regularly on twitter and some hair magazines about an hour dedicated totally to hair talk, thus #HairHour was created.  Before I knew it Hairdressers Journal (@hji) got in touch and wanted to promote the idea! Brilliant! This is just what #HairHour needed to reach the greater hair community. We would do our first one the night the idea was thought of which was a little scary as I worried that there wouldn't be enough time to attract people to using the hashtag! However, HJ did an amazing job of promoting it and lots of people tuned in to the first one and from there #HairHour has grown and become an enjoyable weekly instalment of hair chat amongst professionals and bloggers! And I'm hoping this weekly get together can carry on for the foreseeable future with both familiar tweeters and new faces! 

From starting #HairHour I have had the opportunity to speak to people in my field who I may not have ever spoken to or met and shared knowledge and skills with! So for me it's a success and every week myself and HJ (@hji) receive thank you's and congratulations on the idea and how well it's been received by everyone has shown me that we did need something like this to connect and share! 

Thanks to everyone who uses the Hashtag #HairHour for pushing it out there to the wider audiences! 

And a massive thanks to Hairdressers Journal (@hji) for promoting and being behind the hour every week right from the beginning!!

Keep tweeting and keep #HairHour -ing!!

Every Wednesday 8pm-9pm

Lee Brown Xx


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Doo... Doo's

It's Christmas Party season... Again! And year after year I have fiends, family and clients asking me "what should I do with my hair?"... So I've come up with 3 easy Up-Do's you can even get your friends to help you with! Simple!.. I have attached step by step pictures and finished looks at the bottom of this article for you to have a glance at! 


The Shoelace.

• Put your hair into a ponytail, tight or loose whichever you fancy and wherever you want to see the main body of the style.

• Simply tie the ponytail like you would a shoelace, tie multiple times until you run out of hair to tie.

• Fold hair over and twist into shape wherever you desire!

• Pin in with a 'U' Pin or Grips (depending on what you prefer) a Geisha Pin is ideal for this style as two will fix even the thickest hair in place! 

• Envelope in strong hold hairspray (I reccomend Sebastian Professional's Shaper Fierce) - use a shine spray to add extra gloss and shimmer. Easy! 


The Pony Roll.

• Again this look starts with a tight pony where you want the roll, straight at the back is a beautiful classic look. 

• Pull band down the hair whilst pushing down on top of hair below the band to create a pocket.

• Keep pulling band until you have about 4 inches of hair left in ponytail.

• Roll pony into the pocket and pin into place using your desired pins 

• hairspray into place and have the perfect Christmas party roll. Customise with whatever you want! 


The Plait Bun.

• You may need a pair of extra hands for this one, a creative partner so to speak. Ideal if your getting ready at a friends house!

• Split hair into two sections, from crown to back of ears. So you have front section and back section.

• Plait from the nape upti the crown an keep plaiting, tie off with a little elastic.

• Using a soft bristle brush, brush hair from sides and front  back towards crown and gather plait and hair in one hand and tie of at roots into a pony tail. All hair should be in one band now!

• Twist all hair together (backcombed if necessary!) making sure you show the plait off intertwined in the bun! 

• Pin into place! And finish with hairspray! (Sebastian Zero Gravity is perfect for this!) ... Done!! 

Good luck! Enjoy playing! 

LB x

- Pictures -




Enjoy having a play! 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Iconic Product - Potion 9.

Sebastian Professional's Potion 9 is the base of probably 95% of my work. It's light, easly applied and an absolute dream to use while cutting. It gives nutrition and care whilst delivering exceptional natural control and can also be used as a type of Primer to base other Sebastian Professional products upon. 

Potion 9 is perfect for every type of hair but for those who worry about using product or are concerned that products may make their hair too heavy there is Potion 9 Lite which has all the amazing benefits but is in a lighter mist.


Potion 9 + Stylixir + Liquid Gloss = The Gloss.

Ultimate shine and control for super glossy locks, works especially well on blonde hair.

Potion 9 + Texturizer + Gel Forte = The Bounce.

Super smooth bounce and waves, a beautiful elastic feel to make sure hair stays full and textured all day. Works great on Big Brush Blowdries 

Potion 9 + Shine Crafter + Halo Mist = Super Sleek.

Ultra shiny, frizz free and smooth. Incredible used on those poker straight 70's looks (which are on the rise massively) - leaves hair looking in immense condition with luscious shine!

Have fun playing! 

LB x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


As i am new to the world of blogs i have not attached a Twitter icon to my Page yet... so here is a link to click so you can follow my Twitter Account...

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The Deschanel Fringe - the beginning of an icon?

Over the past few months i have noticed that the amount of interest in the fringe of a certain Ms Deschanel has rocketed! I think it's since the huge American TV series 'New Girl' has hit British screens, she has become more of a household face among the young comedy lovers of the UK and people cannot get enough of her 'bangs'

The style itself is quite a laid back, easy style as the fringe looks basically like a full, arced fringe that has grown out over the eyebrows and has had some of the bulk taken out of it so you can mess it up or bring it over to either side, depending on how you're feeling that morning!... Easy!!

If you have long full hair that is simply styled with bounce and shine or, have long hair and fancy a change but do not want to loose your length then this fringe would definatly be the way forward for you! it doesn't feel too short and enables the fringe to be connected to any layers your hair already has!