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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Doo... Doo's

It's Christmas Party season... Again! And year after year I have fiends, family and clients asking me "what should I do with my hair?"... So I've come up with 3 easy Up-Do's you can even get your friends to help you with! Simple!.. I have attached step by step pictures and finished looks at the bottom of this article for you to have a glance at! 


The Shoelace.

• Put your hair into a ponytail, tight or loose whichever you fancy and wherever you want to see the main body of the style.

• Simply tie the ponytail like you would a shoelace, tie multiple times until you run out of hair to tie.

• Fold hair over and twist into shape wherever you desire!

• Pin in with a 'U' Pin or Grips (depending on what you prefer) a Geisha Pin is ideal for this style as two will fix even the thickest hair in place! 

• Envelope in strong hold hairspray (I reccomend Sebastian Professional's Shaper Fierce) - use a shine spray to add extra gloss and shimmer. Easy! 


The Pony Roll.

• Again this look starts with a tight pony where you want the roll, straight at the back is a beautiful classic look. 

• Pull band down the hair whilst pushing down on top of hair below the band to create a pocket.

• Keep pulling band until you have about 4 inches of hair left in ponytail.

• Roll pony into the pocket and pin into place using your desired pins 

• hairspray into place and have the perfect Christmas party roll. Customise with whatever you want! 


The Plait Bun.

• You may need a pair of extra hands for this one, a creative partner so to speak. Ideal if your getting ready at a friends house!

• Split hair into two sections, from crown to back of ears. So you have front section and back section.

• Plait from the nape upti the crown an keep plaiting, tie off with a little elastic.

• Using a soft bristle brush, brush hair from sides and front  back towards crown and gather plait and hair in one hand and tie of at roots into a pony tail. All hair should be in one band now!

• Twist all hair together (backcombed if necessary!) making sure you show the plait off intertwined in the bun! 

• Pin into place! And finish with hairspray! (Sebastian Zero Gravity is perfect for this!) ... Done!! 

Good luck! Enjoy playing! 

LB x

- Pictures -




Enjoy having a play! 

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