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Sunday, 6 April 2014



With the popularity of social networking growing massively, I noticed a trend for professionals in specific industries sharing their knowledge and stories using a '#' to create a community where people could come together and talk about a similar subject or matter of interest for example... #HandmadeHour / #BizHour. (#BizHour is another good ones for us hairdressers to look into as there can be great tips on there to help with the business side of our industry)

I noticed there wasn't a community for Hairdressers on twitter to share and connect so I thought I'd put the idea out to some industry pros I speak to quite regularly on twitter and some hair magazines about an hour dedicated totally to hair talk, thus #HairHour was created.  Before I knew it Hairdressers Journal (@hji) got in touch and wanted to promote the idea! Brilliant! This is just what #HairHour needed to reach the greater hair community. We would do our first one the night the idea was thought of which was a little scary as I worried that there wouldn't be enough time to attract people to using the hashtag! However, HJ did an amazing job of promoting it and lots of people tuned in to the first one and from there #HairHour has grown and become an enjoyable weekly instalment of hair chat amongst professionals and bloggers! And I'm hoping this weekly get together can carry on for the foreseeable future with both familiar tweeters and new faces! 

From starting #HairHour I have had the opportunity to speak to people in my field who I may not have ever spoken to or met and shared knowledge and skills with! So for me it's a success and every week myself and HJ (@hji) receive thank you's and congratulations on the idea and how well it's been received by everyone has shown me that we did need something like this to connect and share! 

Thanks to everyone who uses the Hashtag #HairHour for pushing it out there to the wider audiences! 

And a massive thanks to Hairdressers Journal (@hji) for promoting and being behind the hour every week right from the beginning!!

Keep tweeting and keep #HairHour -ing!!

Every Wednesday 8pm-9pm

Lee Brown Xx


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